The art of producing bespoke, handtooled Whitestone and Willow instrument straps in our British workshop has been handed down using the experience of craftsmen gained over generations. We work with the very best tanneries to source the finest premium leathers, as we know the provenance of our raw materials secures the hallmark of every W&W product.

In an intricate build process, we cut each strap design by hand, from a preformed tool pattern, hand stitching each rear lining to the upper decorative front whilst finishing each end in our distinctive custom English brogue pattern which together defines both our heritage and brand signature. We select premium honeycomb contrast thread to add visual life and colour to the Deluxe and Elite series and every single strap we produce has a 2.5 inch width for ergonomic comfort with extra long adjustable tails crafted as standard, to easily accommodate every players size and form.

We work hard in our design rooms to try to cater for all tastes across the range, from the Classic Ebony straps which feature an understated and tactile soft supple leather historic design to our acclaimed Elite Oxblood counter stitched masterpiece, fusing an aesthetically contemporary patent gloss leather cosmetic which we feel evokes memories of university satchels , lazy Autumn afternoons and handmade fine English footwear.

We value quality and heritage and the provenance of British craftsmanship above all else in our manufacturing. We know our place in the world, and that it’s impossible for an English artisan leather workshop like Whitestone and Willow to be as low in price as to compete with volume driven offshore factories utilising CNC machines and robots. But there is always a place for fine quality, and the pride and privilege of purchasing and owning genuine, British made products , and that is where our future will always be. We build each of our instrument straps lovingly by hand, and we build them to last a lifetime, hoping that we can then play a small part in your continuing musical adventure.